T.B. Phelps Driver Shoe Review

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Featuring rich American leathers, distinctive styling and right out of the box comfort, T.B. Phelps driver shoes will have you looking sharp in the clubhouse or out on the town.


You may recognize the T.B. Phelps as the maker of some great looking belts featured in our Father’s Day Gift Guide.  The Phelps family has been crafting unique and high quality leather goods since 1938, including leather messenger bags used by the U.S. Army in WW II.  In more recent years, T.B. Phelps expanded into creating men’s footwear in fine leather.  So how does this tie into golf you ask?  Because at some point, most golfers find themselves playing a course where changing into flip flops for a cold beverage in the clubhouse isn’t appropriate.


Even at first glance, these loafers from T.B. Phelps look distinctive.  The leather textures and contrast stitching tempt your eyes to take a closer look.  Does the hand sewn stitching of the Tumbled Leather Horsebit Driver pictured above seem familiar?  It’s a classic baseball stitch.  Something I’ve come to love about both loafers is that they look great with shorts or pants and are appropriate for most any occasion short of a fancy affair.


Slipping on the Sundance Bison Leather Driver (above), I couldn’t believe the comfort.  They had that snug fit feel, but with a suppleness that lets you know they’ll shape to your foot with time.  In fact, they start off in a foot shape – the leather is soaked in water, nailed to a form, and given time to set into that shape.  I’ve also learned that American bison leather has high oil content making it naturally soft, very durable, and water repellent.  Inside the shoe, the footbed has a thin layer of leather-covered foam providing cushioning while maintaining the low profile of a driver shoe.  That nice leather footbed is perfect for going sock free.  Sizing is spot on.


Hopefully you understand that the purpose of these shoes is not for playing golf.  Off the course, these shoes from T.B. Phelps do exactly what I need them to do – slip on and off easily for a quick change out of my golf shoes, so I can look sharp.   The rubber bottoms provide traction, a great feature compared to slippery, potentially arse-busting, leather bottom shoes.


Premium is a word overused and abused these days, but now I understand what premium leather really looks and feels like.  Coupled with hand sewn construction and wonderful details, these T.B. Phelps shoes leave you with the feeling you’re getting more than you paid for.

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