Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB Putter Review

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The Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB putter is a very plain mid-mallet putter.  Good forgiveness.  Harsh sound.


Scotty Cameron often looks to the past for inspiration, and that’s certainly the case with the Futura 5MB putter.  He’s taken a cue from the simple mid-mallets of yesteryear while adding his current construction technology to boost forgiveness.


The Scotty Camerom Futura 5MB reminded most of the people in our testing group of the Ram Zebra, minus the stripes.  And without the stripes, this putter is shockingly plain.  With the exception of the small top line sight line and the break between the top line and flange, there’s nothing going on at address.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s unusual to see this much blank metal on a putter.

The sole has a little more visual pop with Scotty’s crown, the removable weights, and a series of bolts around the back edge.

Sound & Feel

Harsh is the word that came to mind when I started putting with the Futura 5MB.  The sound is high pitched, a “tink,” and it gives the putter an unpleasant sensational at impact.  This putter has the same stainless steel body and aluminum face of the Select Newport 3, but the resulting feel is entirely different.


Mid-mallet putters, as their name suggests, are all about compromise.  They provide more forgiveness than blade putters but not as much as the truly monstrous blocks of metal.  In return for the lost forgiveness, they provide a more traditional look and a more compact body to swing.

The Futura 5MB is the prototype of this compromise.  As a blade player, I found its forgiveness to be great.  Every putt that I hit reasonably well got to the hole, and mishits still felt very stable.  I got this benefit without having to swing a putter that made me totally uncomfortable.

If you’re a blade player who feels like they could benefit from increased forgiveness, the Futura 5MB is certainly worth a look.


In a putter market that often tends toward wild designs (see: the current TaylorMade Spider craze), it is somewhat refreshing to see a simple design.  Whether of not the Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB goes too far with that simplicity is in the eye of the beholder.  This simple mid-mallet does deliver solid forgiveness though the feel is disappointingly harsh.

Buy the Scotty Cameron Futura 5MB HERE

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  1. just bought this putter today , yep expensive but i spent over 90 minuter trying putters (4) and i was wondering where you got the “ting” sound ? beautiful feel upon contact and this wand is gonna break my playing buddies hearts ! thanks for the review anyways ! cheers

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