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Reinland Golf Co headcovers are well-made, barrel style wool headcovers that perfectly embody that Pacific Northwest golf vibe.


There’s no denying that the Pacific Northwest is one of the hottest areas in the golf industry.  So many great boutique brands are coming out of there and becoming instant favorites for golfers everywhere.  My latest “discovery” from the region is Reinland Golf Co.  Though the brand offers different golf lifestyle products, the anchor of their lineup is their headcover.


If you’re familiar with a lot of the styles coming out of the Pacific Northwest in recent years, Reinland Golf Co‘s headcovers fit right in.  If you’re not, the theme has been barrel shaped covers that look great paired with a minimalist carry bag like the Original Jones.  All of Reinland’s headcovers are handmade out of wool with a variety of plaid, chevron, and even Aztec patterns.

A nice added touch is the wooden label at the base of the cover.  If you’re looking to express some personality in a cool and subtle fashion, Reinland covers are for you.


As mentioned before, Reinland Golf Co‘s headcovers are all handmade out of wool.  They are sturdy, well made, and fit snuggly on your clubs.  At their price point, Reinland’s covers are really tough to beat.  As soon as you remove one from the box you can feel how high quality these covers are.


Given the quality of the Reinland Golf Co headcovers, I feel like the price is a steal.  Hybrid and fairway covers come in right around $38, and the driver is $43.  Not only are these prices affordable, but they are extremely agreeable for a handmade headcover of this quality.  When considering you may need four headcovers to fill your bag, an affordable price is a big deal.


I love this recent wave of cool golf companies blowing up out of the Pacific Northwest.  I don’t know if it’s the vibe, the products themselves, the lifestyle, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough of it.  Companies like Reinland Golf Co are making high-quality products that exemplify a stylish and fun culture.  Most importantly, Reinland’s quality lives up to the cool factor.  Hopefully this review puts Reinland Golf Co on your radar.  They’re going to be worth paying attention to in the coming years.

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