PXG Gunboat Putter Review

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The PXG Gunboat putter is a large, high MOI putter with adjustable weighting.  Three finishes and two necks create a variety of options.


In drivers, adjustability is the new normal.  Even fairway woods and hybrids have sliding weights and wrench-ready hosels.  But putters?  With putters you’re largely stuck with whatever configuration the manufacturer creates.  Not so with the PXG Gunboat.  In addition to the weight screws, this putter comes in three finishes and, more importantly, has two different neck options.


Like many of PXG’s putters, the Gunboat has a lot going on.  What stands out most is the thick white alignment aid running down the middle of the putter.  The other element that jumps out are the silver pieces on the heel and toe sides with the weight screws.  To my eye, these pieces are distracting and would be better in a matching color.

Thankfully, that is an option.  The Gunboat comes in three finishes – black (seen here), chrome (which reverses the chrome and black), and Darkness (all black).  I like the Darkness finish the best, but I would like it even better if it had a contrasting alignment line.

The Darkness model comes with a custom grip and head cover.

Sound & Feel

In addition to helping PXG’s engineers move more weight to the perimeter, the TPE face feels great.  It’s soft and solid like a milled putter.  The one drawback, at least in its use on a mallet like the Gunboat, is that there’s not much feedback.  Unless you’re really paying attention to the strike, you won’t be able to distinguish perfect contact from mishits.


One thing that separates the Gunboat from most mallets is that it has two neck options.  The standard Gunboat has a single bend shaft which creates a full-shaft offset and makes the putter face-balanced.  The Gunboat H has a slant neck, half-shaft offset, and a 45 degree toe hang.  This is a rare and welcome addition because it allows players with arcing strokes to take advantage of a mallet’s stability.

Stability is something that the Gunboat does have an abundance of.  With all of the weight shifted out to the perimeter, mishits cause very little twisting or distance loss.  That means putts get to the hole and hold their line even when they’re not struck perfectly.


The PXG Gunboat avoids the trap of being just another high MOI mallet by offering interesting options for both aesthetics and performance.  Players with arcing strokes will welcome the heel-shafted version, and everyone can get the color combination they prefer.  Of course this all comes with a hefty price tag, but those are the table stakes when you’re dealing with PXG.

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