PXG Brandon Putter Review

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The Brandon putter is PXG’s Anser-style blade putter.  Really good feel.  Performance typical of an Anser.


Is there any equipment manufacturer that doesn’t do an Anser tribute?  As much as PXG wants to play the rebel card, one of their first putter offerings is their interpretation of this most classic design.  We brought it to the green to see what made it worth five Benjamins.


There are plenty of unique design elements here, and PXG should be commended for that, but ultimately this is a very familiar shape.  The main thing that will attract your eye at address is the row of weight screws along the trailing edge.  These screws give the Brandon the industrial look that PXG has become known for.  For me, the screws ruin an otherwise attractive putter.  If you’re a committed “PXG Troop,” I’m sure you’ll feel differently.

The Brandon is available in both black and chrome finishes.

Sound & Feel

Like the Bat Attack, the Brandon putter has a TPE insert in the face.  What’s interesting is that while the two putters could not be more different in look or shape, the insert gives them nearly identical feel.  This reminds me of the Toulon Design line where putters of all types have similar feel because of the face milling.

At impact, you’ll hear a quiet “tock” and get a feeling similar to a deep-milled putter.  The TPE insert does minimize the audio feedback, but the Brandon provides an acceptable amount of feedback through the hands.


Even PXG – a company unafraid to blow their own horn – can’t generate much hype describing the performance of the Brandon.  This is a fine Anser-style putter, but there’s nothing that separates it from dozens of others.  There is some forgiveness built in, but overall you need to stay in the middle of the face to make putts.  The 45 degree toe hang and full-shaft offset will be very familiar to most golfers and will be a good fit for players with moderately arcing strokes.


The PXG Brandon feels great.  Outside of that, there’s not a single tangible reason why it costs five times more than the Cleveland Huntington Beach putters.  If you want to game this putter because you think it’s cool, by all means do so, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re paying for performance.

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