Project X EvenFlow Blue & EvenFlow Black Shaft Review

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The Project X EvenFlow shafts are a great counterpoint to the HZRDUS line.  Very smooth feel with consistent performance.


Project X has been riding a tremendous hot streak with their HZRDUS family of shafts.  These shafts have been in the bags of countless pros and have stacked up wins across professional golf.

The problem is that if you don’t have some serious power, or you just want a shaft with more kick, HZRDUS isn’t for you.  For those players, Project X delivers the long-awaited EvenFlow Blue and EvenFlow Black.


The Even Flow Blue and Black are some of the most stunning shafts I’ve seen.  The main graphic and branding are fairly basic, but the underlying pattern and color are dynamite.  The blue is one of my favorites of all time, and even the black version is somehow mesmerizing.  I did my best with pictures, but these need to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.


The key word with EvenFlow is “smooth.”  Both models produce a feel that is effortlessly powerful.

EvenFlow Blue is the model with the bigger kick.  Whether I swung it hard or soft, I felt it hinge right around the logo and explode into the back of the ball.

EvenFlow Black has the same smooth feel but without that distinct kick point.  With the Black, I felt more of an even energy transfer from grip to tip.  For the players transitioning from HZRDUS, the Black will likely be the better choice.


When I first hit EvenFlow Blue, it felt fast.  When I got on the launch monitor, those feelings were confirmed – I saw ball speeds that I have not seen lately.  EvenFlow Black was very strong as well, with ball speeds as high as any other shaft except the Blue.

EvenFlow Blue was also noticeably higher launching than EvenFlow Black.  In the averages that went into the chart above, the differences were not huge.  However, on the range, which included some outliers, the Blue flew markedly higher.

For my swing and shot shape preferences, the EvenFlow Black was a perfect fit.  Unless I did something really odd with my swing, the ball just went straight.  With the EvenFlow Blue, the tendency was a small draw.  I could get the Blue to over-draw, but I never saw the low hook that I deplore.  Either of these shafts could easily be a gamer for me, but my preference runs toward the slightly stiffer EvenFlow Black.


Project X took their time in creating a follow up the HZRDUS line, and the result was worth the wait.  The EvenFlow shafts have tremendous feel and the stability that stronger players need.  If you like a smooth feel with effortless kick, these are two shafts you need to check out.

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  1. Good info on the new shafts. Why not have a review by two different swing speeds, 1 at 100 mph or more and 1 at 95 mph or less so all swing speeds are covered and results for a broader group will have an idea of what to expect.

    • Matt Saternus


      There are logistic realities that prevent that. Also, and perhaps more importantly, we do not publish the LM data so that people can self fit. It’s simply an illustration of what we discuss in the Performance section. We strongly suggest everyone work with a fitter to find the shaft that works best for their swing.


      • Richie greenwood

        Hi Matt.i just got a callaway rogue..I ordered it with a project X even flow blue regular shaft.i swing at 95 mph ..I like regular shaft feels like more lag then stiff shaft for me.i live in Portland Maine so there came with a synergy regular a low ball hitter ..I like 9 degree loft..synergy doesn’t feel bad at the range.but i only have 30 to request a even flow shaft exchange.what shaft would be best..there both..mid–mid launch.what I’ve read.thx Richie

        • Matt Saternus


          There’s no way for me to know that without seeing you in person. My best recommendation would be to find a golf store or a fitter or a range where you can hit the club you have on a launch monitor and see if you’re happy with the results.



  2. Great feedback as usual. How would these compare to the Speeder Evo II line? I’m a big fan of the Evo II 569, and the EvenFlow Blue is appealing for a try.

  3. Blake Thuelin

    I love the Project X HC Red in my 3 wood. Which of the Evenflow shafts resemble the red most closely? Thanks for the review

    Blake Thuelin
    Lincoln, Ne
    Nippon Modus 120

  4. Dan Herring


    Great review as always!! Wondering which is more comparable to Evo3 661x?

  5. I’ve been playing Aldila NV65 and Tour Green in my driver for quite some time. Would the Black have a similar feel to those?

  6. How does this shaft compare to the tensei orange??

  7. Great review! I am hoping to demo these in the Epic head soon. I’ve been hitting the hzrdus t800 as well as the Rogue Max and was wondering your opinion on which of the EvenFlow shafts may be a better fit?
    I am a high spin player with a mid flight. My driver swing speed is 110-114.

  8. How would the Even Flow Black 75 6.0 compare to the Oban Devotion 7 04? Would they be similar in terms of stiffness, launch etc. for the same swing? I play the Devotion in my driver and was curious about the characteristics of Black.

    • Matt Saternus


      That comparison will depend on the swing. I would recommend visiting a fitter to see if the EvenFlow can beat your Devotion.



  9. Parker Criswell

    If currently I play the Aldila Rogue Black (74g, 3.3 torque, stiff flex) and my numbers are 15 launch and 2400 spin, would you recommend the even flow black or blue? Definitely plan on hitting before buying, just wondering what you’d recommend. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      What are you looking for the new shaft to do? Feel different, lower spin, higher launch, more accurate? Your answer would dictate my recommendation.



      • Parker Criswell

        Looking to keep the great feel that I have with the Rogue. Really just want something that I won’t feel the lag so much with. I guess the real question is, in your opinion, is the even flow black as harsh as the HZRDUS black shaft? Wanted to lower my spin some, just don’t want something that’s boardy, similar to the HZRDUS black.

  10. Hey Matt, I was interested in the hybrid versions of this shaft, how would these compare to the classic Altus and 904HB’s?


  11. Hi, if my swing speed is 100-107 you think the stiff version of the blue could be enough because I see from your pics that the 6.5 x works on 107-108 .

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