PING G400 Stretch Fairway Wood Review

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The PING G400 Stretch fairway wood is engineered to maximize distance off the tee.  Very long.  A capable club from the turf.


Hitting 3W off the tee is a way of life for many golfers.  For those players, PING has created the G400 Stretch fairway wood.  If you need to forego driver for accuracy and consistency but hate giving up distance, this souped-up 3W is a must try.


At address, the G400 Stretch fairway wood looks very similar to the standard G400 fairway wood, just larger.  It’s still slightly pear shaped and not too long from front to back to hit off the turf.  Of course the crown is matte black, and the leading edge features PING’s Turbulators.

The face looks slightly taller than the standard G400 but not so much that you’ll be afraid to hit it off the deck.

Sound & Feel

The extra 12cc of size do nothing to change the acoustic character of the G400 Stretch FW.  This club is every bit as solid as the standard G400 FW with the same quiet, medium pitch sound and precise feedback.


In my recent PING fitting, I got an interesting insight into the G400 line up from my fitter.  The gist of it was that PING engineers their “standard” product line for the vast majority of golfers.  All of the other clubs, whether you’re talking about the Stretch, SF Tec, LS Tec, or Crossover, are niche clubs designed to fit a small percentage of players.  That leads to two conclusions: 1) most of us should be playing the standard G400 line but 2) the speciality clubs get every last drop of performance for those niche players.

That’s exactly what I found with the G400 Stretch.  With some seemingly minor tweaks, PING was able to squeeze out significantly more distance for players hitting FW off the tee.  The differences from the standard G400 3W to the Stretch are: stronger loft (13 degrees), larger head (12cc bigger), and a more forward CoG for lower spin.  Interestingly, PING does not use a longer shaft on the Stretch, presumably to keep dispersion in check.

I found that in comparing the G400 3W to the Stretch off the tee, the Stretch had markedly lower spin and longer total distances.  The carry distances were very similar, but the Stretch produced a lower, stronger ball flight.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Stretch is a very capable club off the turf despite its low loft.  I would not recommend it for players who struggle with fairway woods or who have low swing speeds, but stronger players or those with higher ball flights will get along with it well.

***Note: the numbers above were collected by hitting the G400 Stretch FW off the turf, not off a tee.  This is a club built for tee shot, so those numbers are not as good as they could be, but we opted for consistency among all our fairway wood reviews.


The PING G400 Stretch fairway wood is engineered to excel in one area – smashing shots off the tee – and it does that brilliantly.  For better players, it’s also an excellent tool off the turf.  Regardless of your skill level, if you’ve given up on your driver, you can look to get some of that lost distance back with the G400 Stretch.

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PING G400 Stretch Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Interesting – I never used a driver for the first 5 years of playing golf, only since last year, but was using a 3w instead. How do they compare with the mini drivers of a few years ago? Weren’t they souped up 3 woods in a way too? Nice looking club.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the Stretch FW is similar to the mini drivers. Loft and head sizes vary, but it’s all along the same concept of a smaller head with more loft than a driver and a shorter shaft.



  2. Nicholas Miller

    Did you like the g stretch or the g 400 stretch better?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test them head to head, but I prefer the feel of the G400 woods slightly over the G series.



  3. Great review as always. It helps that we put down some very similar numbers.

    This is a very much a speciality club — one I love dearly. For me, I use it to shape shots off the tee. My driver is actually too forgiving (not complaining). Any time I need to bend a tee shot more than a few degrees, this is my go to. I rarely use it off the turf because the carry is about the same as my 5w.

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