PING G400 SFT Fairway Wood Review

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The PING G400 SFT fairway woods are extremely easy to hit and high launching.  Extra help for those that want to see the ball move right to left.


Most golfers would like to hit a draw, so golf stores are full of drivers that can help move the ball from right to left.  But the desire to hit draws doesn’t stop at the tee box, so in addition to the G400 SFT driver, PING has made the G400 SFT fairway woods.  These woods are built to provide maximum forgiveness, high launch, and extra help in eliminating the slice.


The PING G400 SFT fairway wood has the hallmarks of the other G400 woods: the matte black crown and the Turbulators. 

Where it differs is in its shape.  The G400 SFT FW is larger, particularly from front to back.  It’s symmetrical and round, and the face looks a little shallower than the standard G400 FW.

The sole of the G400 SFT is nearly identical to the standard G400 FW, but the tungsten weight is shifted slightly closer to the heel.

Sound & Feel

If you’ve read any of the previous reviews of the new G400 line, you know what’s coming.  This club feels really, really solid.  Impact is on the quiet side with a slightly metallic, medium-pitch tone.

Feedback is good.  You’ll know when you’ve missed the center even though the club is quite stable.


Just like the G400 SFT driver, the G400 SFT fairway woods are designed to give you a little extra help moving the ball from right to left.  This is done by shifting the sweet spot toward the heel.  In addition to moving the sweet spot, the G400 SFT has a lighter swing weight.

PING has implemented two other changes to make the SFT more user friendly.  The loft is higher than the standard G400 woods – 16 degrees in the 3W – to make them higher launching.  Additionally, the heads are slightly larger (187cc vs 183cc in the 3W).

All of this adds up to a club that produces high draws even when you don’t hit the ball perfectly.  It’s a great choice for players who need help elevating the ball and those who fight a slice or want more draw.


If you want to see high, drawing shots closing in on the greens of par 5s, check out the PING G400 SFT fairway woods.  These are terrifically forgiving clubs that launch high, produce a strong ball flight, and will help you stay off the right side of the course.

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PING G400 SFT Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Ping G400 Fairway with SFT, I purchased the 16 degree. I also purchased G400 12 degree driver with SFT. The driver works perfectly, straight with slight draw, correcting my push. The 3 wood seems to have a closed face, this along with draw weight bias is producing left to left shots. Did you see a closed face on this club, I am not sure if I am just seeing the face angle differently. Ping tells me the face is not closed. Your help is appreciated. Your reviews are very helpful.
    Ron Reid

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.

      I would suggest that if the face looks closed to you, then it’s closed. Try using the hosel adjustment to open it up and see if that doesn’t solve the problem. If it doesn’t, let me know, I have another thought.



  2. Hi Can you eview what would be a different betwen PING made in Japan and USA Made? Btw where is PING position them self from price point of view? I notice their price is quite high compare with Taylor Made, Yamaha etc.


    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not familiar with PING’s different manufacturing operations, but it’s something I can look into.

      With regard to your price question, are you talking about the Japanese market? In America, PING is less expensive than TaylorMade on many (most?) things.



  3. Dear Matt

    Do you think the G400 3 wood will hit longer than the G400 SFT 3 wood since the SFT has a higher loft?

    Appreciate your advice.

    • Matt Saternus


      That depends on the individual. Lower loft does not necessarily create more distance, plus the SFT may help produce longer shots because of its draw bias.



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