PING G400 LST Driver Review

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The PING G400 LST driver has the look and feel of the G400 but with significantly lower spin.


Since it came out, the PING G LS Tec driver has been in my bag, so I was thrilled to hear that the G400 line would include an LST driver.  I’m not alone in my excitement: the LST is certainly the G400 driver generating the most excitement among gear heads.  In this review, I’ll discuss whether that excitement is merited or if most of us should be turning to a different member of the G400 family.


The PING G400 LST driver looks identical to the G400 at address.  At 445cc it’s not much smaller than the USGA max, but the shaping really enhances the strong, compact look.

The G400 driver’s crown has a lot going on.  Nearest the ball, you’ll notice the biggest Turbulators yet.  From there, you see the Dragonfly technology which makes the crown ultra-thin (.43mm!) to save weight.  While this seems busy, the matte black finish makes it all secondary to your focus on the ball.

You can find the one visual difference between the two drivers on the sole.  Where the standard G400 has the tungsten weight all the way back, the G400 LST’s weight is about an inch further forward.

Sound & Feel

Just as with the standard G400 driver, the word I can’t get away from is solid.  It’s quiet without any metallic crack or tinny notes.  I actually wrote the word “persimmon” during my testing – it’s that solid.

Where the LST is noticeably different than the regular G400 is on mishits.  The standard G400 gives you feedback through your hands, but there’s virtually no twisting.  With the LST, you will feel the mishits more.  In the grand scheme of equipment, the G400 LST is still forgiving and stable but less so than its brother.


One of the things that I frequently remind readers of is that the launch monitor data is just a snapshot.  It’s one piece of data that needs context and a larger story.  In the case of the G400 driver versus the G400 LST driver, I’ll make an exception: the data above tells you what you need to know.

My testing showed that PING is right on when they say that the LST spins about 300 RPM less than the standard G400.  However, that lower spin comes at the cost of some forgiveness.  My average ball speed ticked down slightly and my dispersion got a little worse compared to the standard G400.  This wasn’t a surprise: my fitter told me I should be in the standard G400 (full story HERE).

It does need to be emphasized, however, that the G400 LST driver only looks unforgiving compared to the most stable, forgiving driver on the market.  Compared to anything else, the G400 LST is very forgiving and low spin.  And don’t forget that it has the same speed-boosting aerodynamics as the other G400 drivers.


Ultimately, I will be following the advice of my PING fitter and putting the G400 driver in my bag.  The PING G400 LST driver is a monster, but with my game where it is, I will take as much forgiveness as I can get.

If you’re a consistent driver of the ball or someone who needs to shed RPMs, the G400 LST driver is a must-demo.

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  1. Is the g 400 in your bag now?

  2. Did you also get to test the 10 degree LST?

  3. Very nice review..I bought the regular g400 9* with the Alta CB 55 stiff. It spun way too much, ballooning many drives and returned it. I was lucky enough to find the LST 8.5* with the same shaft and boy what a difference. The LST hit lower piercing drives which was the ball flight I was looking for. I really thought the problem was the shaft originally but with the same shaft and the LST turned out to be a real bomber. Awesome driver. My average swing speed is 110 mph, somewhat fast tradition and play to a 6 handicap.Thank you. BTW I have the iblades as well and love them.

  4. I played with Calaway drivers for years. Then I got a g30 Lst. It was the best and longest I had hit until I got the g400. Between the purchase of the g30 LST and Ping 400lst I also bought a m1 and an epic. No contest. G30lst beats them all.

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