PING G400 Irons Review

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The PING G400 irons are really long, really easy to hit, and surprisingly good looking.  An obvious choice for anyone seeking forgiveness.


Tour pros heaping praise on new clubs is so ubiquitous that it’s virtually meaningless.  For me, however, there are two exceptions.  I make an exception for companies that don’t traffic in hyperbole, such as PING.  I also pay attention when the praise is specific, so when PING posted that one of their pros said, “I hit the 7I the distance of my 6I but with 8I height,” I was all ears.

If you’re interested in some very specific, data-driven praise for the G400 irons, read on.


The first thing I noticed about the PING G400 irons was the sole.  Having reviewed plenty of GI and SGI irons, I expected a wide sole.  Not the case.  The G400’s sole, particularly in the longer irons, is moderate in size and shaped to make it appear even smaller.  This attention to detail and visual appeal is apparent throughout the set.

At address, I was similarly impressed with how thin the top line is.  It’s not razor thin, but it’s not that far from my iBlades (comparison pic in the slideshow below).  As with the G irons, the G400’s sole is invisible at address.

The one thing that clearly identifies the PING G400 irons as GI or SGI is the offset.  Particularly in the long irons, there’s a lot of it, but for the target golfer, that makes sense.

Sound & Feel

I have yet to come up with a word that does justice to the sound of the PING G400 irons.  The feel is easily described – firm and solid with slightly muted feedback.  The impact sound, however, defies description.  It’s too robust and bass-y to be a “snap” or a “click,” but it does have a percussive element.  The sound of connecting with a home run swing isn’t quite it, but it’s as close as I can get.  If you want to know it precisely, you’ll have to hit it for yourself.


Let’s jump right into the numbers.  PING states that the G400 irons have a 40% thinner face and 18% more face bending for improved ball speed and 18% tighter dispersion.  Their hydropearl chrome finish provides 40% less friction through the turf and improves launch and spin in wet conditions.

All that to say, these irons have distance in spades.  With the G400 irons, I was 10 yards longer (carry) than my iBlades with the 4I and the 7I.  That’s not terribly surprising because they’re 3 and 4 degrees stronger in loft, respectively.  The pitching wedge, only 1.5 degrees stronger than my iBlade, went 5 yards further in the air.

Here’s where it gets impressive.  That PW, despite being stronger lofted, launched the ball higher (2 degrees) and landed softer (also 2 degrees) than my iBlade.  The 4I and 7I in the G400 launched only 1 degree lower than their iBlade counterparts and landed only 2 degrees sharper.  These irons are long and they produce playable trajectories, even for someone who hits the ball low.

If you’re a high ball hitter, or you just want to have the longest 7I under the sun, PING offers Power Spec.  These lofts are 1.5 to 2 degrees stronger throughout the set to produce stronger trajectories and more distance.

Finally, PING continues to deliver the goods when it comes to stock shafts.  The AWT 2.0 is PING’s stock steel, and it’s excellent.  Stock graphite is the Alta CB.  You can also get, without an upcharge, Dynamic Gold, Project X, True Temper XP95, Nippon Modus 105, and KBS Tour.  That covers virtually the entire range of weight and trajectory, giving everyone a great option without additional cost.


PING’s promotional material for the G400 irons says, “Engineered to Enjoy.”  That seems like the perfect line for these long, forgiving sticks.  If you want to see your shots fly consistent, long distances, see your local PING fitter and give these a try.

Buy PING G400 Irons HERE

PING G400 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Great review!
    so how would these compare to the G? Worthwhile to up grade?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you. I think the G400 is an improvement over the G. Whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade depends heavily on the performance differences the individual sees and their finances, so I can’t say universally whether upgrading is worth it. I can say that it’s worth checking out and testing head to head with your G irons.



  2. Thanks for the review Matt. How would you say these compare playability and performance wise with the Mizuno jpx 900 hot metals? Do you prefer one over the other?

    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t test the two head to head, so I can’t give you a good comparison other than to say I was much more impressed with the G400 than the Mizunos.



  3. I had the fortune of the Ping Rep coming into the only retail golf store on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was able to hit the Ping G 400 for a short time. After switching to the Alta regular graphite shaft and to my surprise the green dot upright, I was hitting pretty nice, consistent shots. My average carry was about 155 yards, with one about 165. Very nice feel at impact, high ball flight and a tight shot dispersion. I’m an 11, but will be 60 in a few months and I believe the graphite will reduce the shock to my joints. Thinking about whether to take the plunge or not…..

    • Matt Saternus


      Sounds like the performance was solid. Any specific concerns keeping you from pulling the trigger?



  4. I am 77 and need all the help I can get. Your review is tempting. Do you have any comparison with the new cobra irons that are for us slow swinging older folks

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested the new Cobra irons, so I can’t give you a comparison. I can only say that the G400 is one of the best irons in that “all the help you can get” category.



  5. Matt always enjoy your reviews. Switching from the GMax to the G400 irons – do you think I would lose forgiveness? Do you see much of a performance difference between the GMx & G400? The GMax is so “point & shoot” type of club – any advance to upgrade?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      I don’t think you’ll lose a noticeable amount of forgiveness. The trend I see is that the top OEMs are becoming more able to pack tons of forgiveness into clubs that look more like players clubs. All that to say, the G400, being newer than the GMax, is likely to have similar performance but in a more appealing package.
      As to whether or not you should upgrade, that’s always a conversation to have with a fitter while testing clubs head to head.



  6. Hi Matt,

    I sold my Ping I 200’s on Ebay and decided to give the G 400’s a shot. I ordered them through my local dealer. I have played twice with them, with only a short amount of practice. They have a nice, soft feel and they have a very high ball flight. I thinned a 5 iron and it still flew very nicely. Distance wise, they are good, I flew a pw 128 yrds, according to my laser and it stopped in 1 yard. I tried out the 4 iron on a par 4 and it traveled over 200 yards.

    Lastly, I haven’t played graphite shafted irons, since my old burner bubbles, it is taking some getting use to the lighter weight of the clubs. I’m playing in a big tournament in Oregon and I’m very excited to see how far I can take my game.

  7. Hi Matt, enjoyed your review. Currently playing with G15 irons and while I’ve been fairly consistent with them (was fitted for white dot in 2010) the amount of offset in the short irons always irked me. Coupled with stronger lofts, seems the G400’s will be a nice upgrade. Can’t wait to try them in a simulator soon.

  8. Hi Matt, I’m wondering if you have any experience with the “power spec” version? I already hit the ball very high and am thinking that may be the way to go. Do the power specs have a low launch similar to using dynamic gold shafts? I currently am playing Miuno hot metals with Recoil 95 shafts. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      The Power Specs have lower lofts, so they will certainly launch the ball lower. If you pair that with a lower launching shaft, you’ll be doing everything you can do counteract your high ball flight.



  9. Hi Matt
    Can you compare the Ping 400 iron to the Wilson Staff D-200

    thanks, Tom

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been over 2 years since I tested the D200, so my recollection is a little hazy. As I recall, the D200 was very impressive in terms of forgiveness and distance, much like the G400. If you’re between the two, I’d suggest a head to head test to see what performs better for you.



  10. Hi Matt,
    Excellent review (as usual !)
    Can I ask, and I know its subjective and getting a proper fit is key, but as a 5/6 handicap, I’m finding my JPX850 Forged a little harsh on mishits, particularly low on the face. Would you think the G400 or maybe the i200 (?) would be a good alternative ? Is there much between the I & the G series ?
    Thanks !

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s a substantial difference between the i and G in terms of look and forgiveness. I think as a 5-6 handicap, the i200 would have ample forgiveness, and it would certainly be superior in that regard to your Mizunos.



  11. Marty Knighton

    Matt I did a head to head vs the Titleist Ap1 714 there was no question these irons are off the chart I started with steel shafts regular flex i was around 15 to 18 yards longer then i switched to the Graphite shafts OMG what a difference it was 21 to 26 yards longer consistently , so in my opinion these G400 irons are the real deal And yes i walked out with a set
    Note: i average maybe 2 to 3 rounds a week so this was a wise investment

  12. Dave Hutchison

    Matt, I’m 65 years old, a 6 handicap, I currently play graphite Ping G25’s and have been happy with them. I’ve been reading about the G400’s, watching some of the videos and reading your review. I have two questions for you, do you think I would see a significant improvement with the G400’s and secondly what changes would I see if I went to the i200’s?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think in moving up 3 generations, you would see some gains in going to the G400. The i200’s are going to offer a different look and turf interaction and will be less forgiving on thin shots.



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