Matrix Deus Tour & Tour B Shaft Review

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Matrix‘s Deus Tour and Deus Tour B shafts are designed to be smooth, mid-launching shafts with great feel.


Matrix has long been known as the maker of some of the smoothest shafts in the game.  As they continue to expand on this legacy, Matrix introduces the Deus Tour lineup.  The Deus Tour is designed to be a smooth mid launch and mid spin shaft while the Tour B is also intended to be mid launch but with less spin.


Simple and unassuming are great ways to describe to Matrix Deus Tour shafts’ looks.  Glossy black paint makes up the base finish with silver/white wire graphics and branding.  These Deus Tour shafts aren’t going to scream for attention when you pull them out of the bag, but sometimes that’s even better: just let the game do the talking.  A simple black shaft is a refreshing break in this era of aftermarket shafts being full of flash.


As billed, both Deus Tour shafts have that signature Matrix smoothness to them.  The Deus Tour has a consistent feel in its flex profile, so I found it easier to control and swing harder.

When I swung the Tour B, I had a little more difficulty.  The Tour B is designed to have some kick in its profile which gave it a different feel.  Rather than feeling like it was kicking, I felt like the Tour B was a little loose in the “kick point” which impacted my control.  To hit controlled shots, I had to tone my swing down a little bit.  Once I slowed down, I was able to control it really well, but it definitely felt like I was leaving some performance on the table.

Both shafts felt lighter than their listed 60 grams.


The numbers above show that I hit both Matrix Deus Tour shafts similarly with the exception of speed.  What isn’t shown is that I had a higher smash factor with the Tour B than I did with the Deus Tour.  The smash factor paired with the slightly lower spin was enough to get similar distance to the Deus Tour.  As mentioned before, I had to dial back my swing a bit to achieve those numbers with the Tour B.

My performances with both shafts were definitely acceptable.  My problem is I want more than acceptable.  Both Deus Tour shafts are reliable but left me feeling like I was leaving yards on the tee box.

Most interesting to me was that my swing did not respond to these designs as intended.  I had high launch angles and 3000+ spin.  This is a prime example of our continual message of the importance in getting professionally fit for your equipment.



While my performance with the Tour is better than with the Tour B, others may have a totally different experience.  In my case, both of these Matrix shafts were not a perfect fit, but they still had a good feel and acceptable performance.  Admittedly I’m speculating, but I would guess that golfers fond of a Red or White Tie may want to look into trying the Deus Tour lineup.

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