Get to Know: Liberty Ball Markers

Get to Know: Liberty Ball Markers

Everyone likes to have a little something special in their golf bag.  Unfortunately, custom usually means expensive.  But what if you could have a one-of-a-kind accessory in your bag for $18?  If that sounds interesting, read on and learn about Liberty Ball Markers.


Brad Brinton started his golfing career in 1986.  By the late 90’s, his love of old PING putters – the ones made of bronze, copper and brass – led him to start working on putter restorations.  With the help of a local club fitter and a lot of trial and error, he got good enough to make some money fixing up beat up PINGs and selling them online.  Over time, his interests expanded to include older Scotty Cameron putters, too: Studio Design, Oil Can Classic, and Circa ’62.

With a wealth of skills developed over two decades, Brad decided to start making copper ball markers in 2016.  He settled on copper after losing several aluminum Scotty Cameron markers that were too light.  Also, copper develops a patina over time that looks great.

After making some markers for his close friends, the business grew quickly.  His friends urged him to sell his markers online, and, sure enough, people bought them.  As people requested different images, Brad added more and more stamps to his repertoire.

In early 2017, Brad named the company Liberty Ball Markers and launched the brand on social media and the web.  His website now offers stickers and window transfers and will soon expand to t-shirts, hats, and hand made divot tools.  The customer base is growing, too, and includes golfers from every corner of the world.

While things are growing rapidly, Brad remains focused on his original goals: offering quality, handmade ball markers and personal service at a price anyone can afford.

Loads of Choices

One of the things that make Liberty Ball Markers unique is the wealth of choices that they give the customer.  As you can see above, they offer not only text but graphic stamping, too.  You can also specify the colors of the paint fill.

There’s also the choice of aluminum (“Drop Bombs”) or copper.  I suggest the copper for the heavier weight – it’s easier to find in your pocket.  The copper also gives you the option of a torched finish like the PluggedInGolf marker.

Win Your Own Custom Liberty Ball Marker

Do you have an idea for a custom Liberty Ball Marker?  Would you like to see it turned into reality…for free?

We’re running a contest on our social media accounts with Liberty Ball Markers.  Contact us via Twitter or Instagram with your design idea – you can explain it via text or send us a sketch.  We’ll pick the best one and the winner will receive their design on a Liberty Ball Marker for free.

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  1. Saw a bunch of pics of his early stuff on a golf forum and can also say that he does some really good work!

  2. eight0eightnation

    Great ball markers from a great company. I actually won a ball marker awhile ago and I use it every time I golf.

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