FootJoy DNA Helix Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy DNA Helix golf shoes represent a solid evolution of the DNA line.  More stable and lighter.


An interesting thing has happened on the PGA Tour this year: FootJoy’s mid-priced Pro/SL has been the go-to shoe of more of their pros than any other model.  What makes that interesting is that it’s not the company’s flagship shoe.  The new FootJoy DNA Helix seeks to take back that #1 spot by incorporating feedback from PGA Tour players into the design.


When I slipped on the FootJoy DNA Helix the first time, what caught my attention is the excellent fit and feel of the heel.  My foot slid in easily but felt like it was being cradled once it was in.

The sole of the Helix is between stiff and flexible.  It moves well enough when you’re walking, but there’s still a lot of stability to it.

As you would expect from a FootJoy, the insole of the DNA Helix is well cushioned.  This is particularly noticeable in the midsole and arch where the cushioning is very thick.


Particularly in the patriotic colorway shown here, I think the DNA Helix is FootJoy’s best looking shoe in recent memory.  When you’re wearing them, you look down on a classy, solid colored toe and mid-foot.  The dotted transition to a complimentary color and the contrasting block in the heel provide plenty of visual interest.

The DNA Helix is available in white/silver, black/white, and white/red (shown).  The Boa version is only available in white/black.


There’s not much in the DNA Helix that hasn’t been updated.  As a result of feedback from their Tour staff, FootJoy made the platform of the shoe wider and more structured.  They claim this increases stability by 17%.  I find it hard to quantify stability that precisely, but the DNA Helix is certainly one of the more stable shoes I’ve worn.

Additionally, FootJoy made the DNA Helix 23% lighter.  I’ve never thought of FootJoys as particularly light shoes, but the DNA Helix is closer to being in the discussion with more athletic, airy shoes.

As you would expect from a shoe with removable cleats, the traction on the Helix is excellent.  Despite being “more structured,” there is enough flexibility in the sole that your spikes stay dug in even as you feet shift and twist during the swing.


Fans of the FootJoy DNA golf shoes should be very pleased by the DNA Helix.  This latest iteration improves on what the previous versions did well while giving it an updated look and dropping weight.

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