Custom Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2


The Project

I don’t have too much to cover here, nor is this too crazy from anything else I’ve posted on the site, but I really liked how it came out so I thought I may as well share with you.  I have a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 sitting in my basement that I wasn’t going to bag anytime soon and would most likely take a bath on it if I tried to sell it so I thought, “What the hell, let’s fry it up.”


The Process

The putter was mint so it needed basically zero prep work.  All I had to do was pull the head, remove the weights and their O rings, remove all of the paint, degrease the putter, and torch away.  As I mentioned in my Select Roundback project, I thought the translucent red/torched gold color was one of the sickest color combinations you can come up with, so I figured it was worth taking the boring regular version that everyone else has and class it up a bit.  I love how the red reflects off of the gold.  As usual with a project like this, the pictures don’t do it justice.

Anyway, I hope you like it…

Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-6 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-4 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-3 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-9 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-7 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-12 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-10 Custom-Scotty-Cameron-Newport-2-2

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  1. Well done!

  2. This looks awesome! Did you sand and Polish this one the same as you did for your buddy’s Newport 2 project? If not, how do you think the bronze and reds would have popped on this one then? Thanks