Callaway Epic Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Epic hybrid is long and easy to hit.  Lives up to the Epic hype.


Hybrids are hard to get right.  They’re called on for a wide variety of tasks – tee shots, long approaches, recovery shots – so they need to excel in a variety of categories.  By slapping the Epic name on their latest hybrid, Callaway has to deal with these tough expectations and then some.  We tested the Epic hybrid to see what it can do.


The size of the Epic hybrid is average for modern hybrids.  It has a slightly high toe like the Big Bertha OS hybrid but is a bit smaller overall.

On the back of the crown, Callaway has displayed the carbon fiber the same way that they have on the Epic drivers and fairway woods.  I don’t mind this detail on the larger headed clubs, but on the hybrid it’s much closer to the ball, and I found it distracting.

Sound & Feel

The Callaway Apex hybrid is currently in my bag, so I was very pleased to discover that the Epic hybrid sounds and feels very similar.  At impact, you get a slightly metallic, fairly quiet sound that is crisp and hot.  The face feels like a fairway wood with the ball jumping off on centered hits and feeling a bit heavier on mishits.


I started my testing of the Epic hybrid indoors on a launch monitor and was immediately impressed with the ball speed and smash factor numbers that it produced.  The smash factor was nearing driver territory, and the ball speeds would have been that high as well, except for the differences in shaft length and weight.  Said more plainly: the Epic hybrid produces huge ball speed.

Of course, ball speed is nothing without appropriate launch and spin numbers.  Thankfully, the Epic hybrid has those, too.  This club launched the ball consistently, even on thin shots.  I was even more impressed with the spin.  Many modern hybrids take low spin too far, but the Epic hits a sweet spot that allows for long carry and the ability to hold greens.  Overall, I would still rate this as more of a “distance hybrid” but it’s still playable for skilled golfers who value precision.


Just as the Epic driver is a must-try for anyone looking to upgrade their tee shots, the Callaway Epic hybrid deserves serious consideration by golfers re-configuring the top end of their set.  This is a near-perfect hybrid that combines serious ball speed with the forgiveness that we all want in a long iron replacement.

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Callaway Epic Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Matt, any thoughts on Epic hybrid vs. PXG 0317?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re two of the best. I prefer the look of the PXG, but head to head testing (which I did not do) might reveal something different.



  2. I really like your reviews as they are honest and straightforward. But could you also put up the numbers you get from Hybrids as well. You do it for the drivers and fairway woods. Just a thought but great reviews

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the reviews. The thinking behind not posting hybrid numbers is that A) we rarely test the same loft across all different models and B) unlike drivers and 3W, the goal of a hybrid is not necessarily to hit it as far as possible.



  3. Hi Matt,

    In your opinion, how similar is the epic to the apex? Similar distance? Which club are you going to keep in your bag? I’m looking at getting one of the two. I like the simple look of the apex vs the race car look of the epic, but obviously performance is the most important. Any thoughts?


    • Matt Saternus


      I didn’t do head to head testing, but my gut feeling is that the Epic will be more forgiving, the Apex more visually appealing to the traditionalist.



  4. Andreas Friedrichs

    Hi Matt, thanks for this nice review. I’m playing also the Apex Hybrid. Is the Epic Hybrid now in your bag? Can you compare from foregiveness and consistency point of view? If it is similar to the apex w/ more foregiveness I’m willing to change. Then I can dial in my gaps better with the adjustable hosel.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I still have the Apex. I’ve been hitting it well and am playing so little that I don’t want to make a change.

      I think “Apex with more forgiveness” is a good description of the Epic.



      • Andreas Friedrichs

        Hi Matt, how you compare the shafts: Kuro Kage (in Apex) vs. Recoil (in EPIC) and maybe Graphite Desin AD DI 95X where I’m really interested in.

        • Matt Saternus


          I would suggest working with a qualified fitter to find the right shaft for your hybrid.



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