Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 Putter Review

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The Bettinardi Studio Stock 28 putter is a wide-body Anser style putter available in three different configurations.  Similar to what Matt Kuchar uses on the PGA Tour.


He’s certainly not the most eye-catching player on the PGA Tour, but Matt Kuchar is unarguably one of the most effective.  A key part of his game is his steady putting, and that’s powered by a Bettinardi flat stick.  With the Studio Stock #28, everyday golfers can get something similar to his gamer.


Bettinardi’s Studio Stock #28 shares many aesthetic qualities with the other putters in the 2017 Studio Stock line.  This starts with the all-business Mercury Gray finish and extends to the black and blue paintfill.

However, unlike the Studio Stock #3 and Studio Stock #8, I find the shape of the #28 to be lacking.  The wide body Anser has never been my favorite style to begin with, but this interpretation is particularly off the mark for me.  The primary issue to my eye is that the top line and shoulders are angular, but the bumpers are curved.  This contrast is jarring to me.

Sound & Feel

The Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 is milled from a solid block of carbon steel.  This putter features Bettinardi’s F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) Face.  This softens the sound and feel to a “thud” which gets slightly higher pitched when you use a firmer ball.

Something that Bill helped me to realize is that the F.I.T. Face makes the sweet spot sound larger compared to the honeycomb milling.  With the F.I.T. Face, I could still feel small mishits, but I didn’t get the change in sound on small misses like I experience with Bettinardi’s signature face.


There are three different versions of the Bettinardi Studio Stock #28.  The standard model has a double bend shaft with approximately 30 degrees of toe hang.  There’s also a nearly center shafted version, seen here, that has the same toe hang.  It’s interesting to me that Bettinardi made two different versions of this putter where the offset changes but not the toe hang.

The model that will get the most attention is the #28 Arm Lock because it’s most similar to Matt Kuchar’s putter.  This putter comes in lengths from 40″ to 42″ with a 15″ grip.  There’s an additional 2 degrees of loft (5 compared to 3), and the head is a hefty 400 grams.  As the name implies, it’s meant to be used with the Arm Lock putting stroke where the grip is held against your lead arm.

Regardless of the configuration, the Studio Stock #28 is a solid putter that most golfers will be able to get along with.  The forgiveness is a bit better than standard blade putters but isn’t on the level of the large, multi-material mallets.


While it won’t guarantee results similar to Matt Kuchar’s, the Bettinardi Studio Stock #28 will give you great feel and above average forgiveness.  With three very different configurations, many golfers will be able to find a good fit in this putter.

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