Tom O’Connell

Contributing Tour Editor

Tom was born and raised in Southern California where he was first introduced to the game of golf.  While he got introduced to the game as a child, his addiction did not materialize until his sophomore year of college at Pepperdine University where he also played for the Men’s Water Polo team.  The challenge of the game and the never-ending pursuit for improvement that instantly had Tom hooked.  As with all sports he played growing up, Tom has always been fascinated with the technology, and especially equipment, behind the game.  It is from that fascination that Tom’s inappropriately frequent equipment changes stem.

When not on the golf course, Tom spends most of his time following golf, hockey, pro and college football, and college basketball.  He currently resides in Chicago and can often be found at his local Buffalo Wild Wings enjoying Asian Zing wings.

Tom-WITB-12  What’s in Tom’s Bag?